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What's New

ABBIcon Pro 5 Build 2005.11.27

  • Added Icon Explorer
  • Added Image Icon Convertor
  • Added Web Icon Extractor
  • Changed check for new version

ABBIcon Pro 4.11 Build 2004.08.03

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added Make icon transparent.
  • Added Build-in Icon Editor, can enlarge or reduce icon, can change the color depth of icons easily.

ABBIcon Pro 4.0 Build 2003.03.18

  • Fixed bug in export XP icons to bmp file
  • Added adds selected icons to favorties list.
  • Added extract icons from files like Windows Explorer.
  • Added displaying preview images in download icons from internet dialog.
  • Added Camera feature - print current icon list view to an image file.
  • Added HTML Generator feature - generate html files for icon list.
  • Added support select application for edit icon.
  • Changed remove Wizard dialog
  • Changed remove Options dialog

SuperIcon 3.5 Build 2003.11.09

  • Added Convert icon libraries format from ILB to ICL
  • Changed Each icon library can be stored 30,000 - 50,000 icons, file size can be 20MB - 50MB.
  • Changed View modes and arrange icons modes be differ from SuperIcon 3.5 Build 2003.10.03
  • Added Support drag files to SuperIcon's window from Windows Explorer or any open folder, drag icons to Windows Explorer from SuperIcon's window.
  • Added Delete a specific icon fomrat from icons.
  • Added Search icon libraries from hard disk(s) on local PC.
  • Added Modify icons in SuperIcon with editing application.
  • Added A Wizard guide user modify options, search icon libraries and download icons.

SuperIcon 3.5 Build 2003.10.03
SuperIcon 3.0 Build 2003.05.03
SuperIcon 2.0 Build 2001
SuperIcon 1.0 Build 1999